Soul Journeying

Soul journeying through the underworld of the past and the unconscious heal you from blockages. There are Unconscious mindsets that block and weaken you in your life. Since soul journeying discloses unconscious which you can actualize. You will renew an old and deeply anchored strategy and transform an old contract of your soul. You travel through the dreamtime of shamans, where unconscious and pre-verbal mindsets come to the surface. You discover guiding principles and emotions, that reason did not allow to be spoken out.

The Root Cause of Suffering

In the lower world of the past and the unconscious hides a wound, the root cause of your suffering. The soul journeying empowers you to let go of this wound. It may have happend in childhood, in a former life or may be something collectif in the culture. 

As your shaman I will visit the chamber of wounds for you. Later I will tell you the scene I witnessed in this chamber. You will recognize the root of your pain and send it away. It is no longer yours.

Survival Strategy - an old Contract of the Soul

We leave the chamber of wounds and enter the chamber of contracts. In the distant past, your soul had rescued itself through a contract with the life at that time. Then, it had made sense, but no longer today. You will cancel the old contract - an act of liberation and relief.


Spirit Helpers and Gifts

Liberated from your wound and the old contract you will now meet spirit helpers and gifts which assist you in creating your new contract.

Spirit Helpers in the Chamber of Grace

Grace expects you in the third chamber of the journey. Spirit helpers appear on scene and model what might become your new soul contract. You will formulate it later with your new won powers. You will experience a new worldview of yourself.

Your Gifts

Chamber four contains gifts for you. These are magic things and tools which ask you to use them and train your new talents. The playing with the gifts helps you act according to your new contract. You are learning.

Garten mit Schmetterling

Your Spirit Animal

Your spirit animal will offer you to accompany you on your way back home. The powers and qualities of this animal will support you in manifesting your new soul contract. Start a dialogue with this animal and get familiar with its powers.

This soul journeying is an internationally renowned method following the teachings of Alberto Villloldo, founder of the Four Winds Society.

Soul Journeying: an example (not yet available in English)


in this section you will find an authentic report of a soul journeying. Mila and Ingrid will solve the secret of mysterious music.

Ganzheit Seelenreise Destiny Tracking
Blaue Blume Porträt für Sternenlicht

The luminous energy field

Get informed in short about your luminous energy field. It is your connection with the source. Therefore it consists of starlight. Get some basic knowledge about illumination and extraction.

Soul Retrieval

                  Garten mit Schmetterling

Soul journeying aiming at soul retrieval is a trip into the lower world of the past and the unconscious. I will go there for you or with you and visit four chambers, where the lost soul part cannot only be found but also saved and renewed. We will find the root scene of your blocking soul contract and you will find helpers that enable you to build a new contract. The soul retrieval is embedded in an illumination.

This relatively demanding journey takes more than one hour. You invest 75,- €. Repeated sessions are discounted to 65,- €. Newcomers get the 35% discount and invest 39,- €.

Soul journeying to the upper world

                   Schmetterling Transformation

The soul journey into the upper world allows you to discover your calling and destiny. You will start your journey finding your personal garden Eden, then rise through the planes of the upper world onto the highest level, the realm of the spiritual beings. This journey is also embedded in an illumination. Your regular investment is 75,- €. Newcomers get the price discounted to 39,- €. (This is a rare exception in the case of soul journeying).

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