Your Starlight

Your starlaight is the source of your energy. You are surrounded by a luminous energy field with the chakras embedded. The field is your radiant power. 

Wie die ältesten Traditionen weltweit lehren, strahlt Dein leuchtendes Energiefeld eine Aura aus. Die Schamanen der Anden, Tibets und Australiens sehen darin die schöpferische Blaupause Deines Lebens. Sie ist verletzlich.

Heavy sorrow and burden in everyday life and from the past block the radiance of the energy field and darken its light. You feel being slowed down and blocked. The flow of energy is disturbed.

Damit das leuchtende Energiefeld wieder mit voller Energie strahlt, muss man es von dunklen und schweren Abdrücken befreien. Dann kann neues Licht das Feld beleben. Die einfachste und grundlegendste Heilanwendung im Energiefeld nennen wir Illumination, weil eben neues Licht gegeben wird.

Blaue Blume Porträt für Sternenlicht

Get your starlight back!

You have mastered many challenges, and you have suffered. Painful experiences left dark spots in your luminous energy spield. You feel them, because some or many things you want to do have become so difficult. Your chakras do not rotate in their natural frequency. This is why goals are not always reached.

If dark energy is disturbing your field for longer, you may experience difficulty in seeing your goals clearly. More and more doubts and blockages occur.

While simple and recent dark energy can be recycled by an illumination, more complex and longer living disturbances stem from intrusive energies such as cords, fluid or solid interferences. Shamans can extract and recycle the intrusive energies.

All energetic treatment is done in the energy field and the chakras. If your body needs help, a physician must be consulted. Shamanic treatment can help in cases of psychosomatic disease, but oftentimes medical and psychological help ist recommended. The advantage of energy medicine is that it leads to a change in lifestyle, psyche and spiritual life. Thereby it prevents the re-occurrence of suffering. In short: those who take care of their energy field are likely to look after the temple of their soul as well.    

"During daytime, we cannot see the stars.

And in the enlightened spaces of the spiritual world, we cannot feel the light of our soul.

Then, we descend into the darkness of the material world, in order to feel our light, to find it and to let it shine."
Marcel Heyder (text accompanying the seminar: Beyond Duality)



Take your time for your illumination. It takes at least one hour. You start explaining your pain and your intention. I will find out which chakra is blocked by the theme. I will clean it and nourish it with light. In the end, when all chakras rotate clockwise with ease, you will feel much better. We talk about the result and you will get some homework by which to strengthen the fresh energy. The session can be done online. This works very well, since we are active energetically.

The regular illumination session is priced at 68,- €. Your first illumination discounts the 35% for newcomers. You invest 44,- € in this case.

If you want to experience the sacred space and the general how of illumination, you can have a half an hour try at 19,- €.


                      blaue Blume für Extraktion


Intrusive energies, which do not belong to you, can be solid or fluid. They can both be extracted and recycled.

Usually, an extraction is embedded in an illumination. Therefore, the regular investment amounts to 75%. Newcomers can benefit from a 35% discount.

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