Dreamscapes fascinate us because the dream is a trickster. You can turn this magician into your friend and see through the tricks.

The more you understand your dreams the more they will start to cooperate with your intention. The past will stop haunting you since you derive your intention out of the vision of a better future. This is the path to dreaming the world of your vision into being.

At the beginning it needs some courage. 

Shamans are experts in dreaming. They tell us that each of us is part of the big dream of the universe. The universe dreams, unfolds and re-invents intself all the time. Be connected with the big dream.

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Dreamscapes emerging during sleep

While you sleep, your dreams send messages out of the creative realm of the unconscious. Oftentimes we trust them to deliver solutions to questions we could not answer all day long. The next morning the intuitive power of a dream can have shown us that solution. Albert Einstein and Thomas A. Edison trusted in the power of dreams.

However, dreamscapes are often confusing. Since the memory combines and blends images from the past instead of painting new ones, the scenes in our dreams make us err and resist understanding. This happens all the more you are fixed in your present social roles and patterns. The dream trickster will face difficulties in showing you how to escape. This old trickster is a reformer and wants you to steer toward your best destiny. Confronted with a difficult dreamscape, your reasoning mind will misunderstand the story.

You can recognize the truth of your dreams through working actively with dialogue and scenery. You discover the hidden messages and get empowered to co-create and build on those scenes. 

Three kinds of dreams while being awake


Daydreams often are about every day life. They come up as wishes or fantasies in your mind while awake. Who would not dream of a beautiful house, a perfect and never ending love, a soul mate or a dream career. These dreams make us feel good. However, they often turn into a nightmare of a never ending lack and scarcity. These earthbound dreams and wishful thinking following what commercials suggest, cannot lead you toward your true destiny.


Once caught in the endless loop of a seductive dream, you find yourself within a nightmare. Repeatedly you go for the wrong partner, the next job is again not what you dreamt of. Even the holidays are far from keeping the promises made. You better look through your nightmares and dis-empower them. Nightmares will chase you otherwise even farther and consume your energies. Worst of all is the dream of love turning into such a nightmare.

Dream courageously

There is a big or sacred dream that can emerge once we are awake from the nighmares and daydreams. This is when we will no longer search for an unconditional love, perfect security and a life without death. Instead we feel empowered to manifest our highest potential in this world filled with meaning. We start to find the difference that we make in the world.

Your present dreamworld

 What does your present world look like. Do you see the dream within it, the dream that you create and heed?

You may have taken over something from your parents and ancient ones. You probably have that re-created, actualized.

Are there thematic lines in your life?

Do you sometimes or in some aspect different from others?

Let us explore your fascinating and sometimes confusing dreamscapes.

Start your unfolding and find your part of the big dream.

So kann Dein Anliegen aussehen:

Einen Traum bearbeiten

Mutig träumen: einen Schlaftraum deutenDu hast einen Traum geträumt, der Dich verwundert, fesselt, verwirrt oder verstört. Ich deute mit Dir gemeinsam diesen Traum durch erzählen, szenisch weiterführen und deuten. Dazu Gehört Proxy Drama und Journaling.

Für ein Traumwerken von etwa 45 Minuten online investierst Du 35,- €.

Wunsch oder Albtraum verwandeln

Mu: unrealistische Wunsch- und albträume verandelnAuch im Traum gibt es fremde Energien. Sie gaukeln Dir einen Wunschtraum vor oder versetzen Dich als Albtraum in Schrecken. Solche Träume kannst Du entmachten und verwandeln.

Im Gespräch und im Proxy Dialog findest Du den Schlüssel zu diesem fremden Traum.

Eine Traumverwandlung dauert sicher 60 Minuten. Du investierst 49,00 €.

Deine Vision erträumen

Mutig Träumen 3: aus dem Traum eine Vision entwickelnDies Traumwerken gelingt mit Schlaf- und mit Wachträumen. Es ist aktive Traumarbeit. Gerne binde ich hier eine Seelenreise ein. Es geht darum, die verschiedenen Botschaften der Ebenen des Bewusstseins in Einklang zu bringen mit Deiner Intention.

Plane eine gute Stunde ein und investiere 49,00 €.

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„Was wäre, wenn das Leben, nach dem Du Dich sehnst, unbewusst zu gut für dich wäre? Was, wenn dieses Leben von Dir selbst unwissend sabotiert würde.“

„Sei der Stern, nach dem die Menschen suchen. Wenn Du das nicht sein kannst, sei der Fehler, den sie brauchen.“

Jeffrey Kastenmüller