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Gemma Tarot is designed to make decision-making easier for you when you have reached a crossroads or turning point in your life. With the help of the soul-centered and self-empowering Tarot, you will be supported in choosing the most appropriate steps for creating a desirable outcome. Ethically responsible readings will provide you with sustainable solutions.

Maybe your present life has become confusing, and the net of your relationships obscured by something unexpected. Your power and sovereignty have faded. You feel that change is necessary. But what change? In this case, the Tarot can help you look through the dust and discover a secure path forward. Maybe your love life does not meet your standards or wishes, and while you do not want to break up, you would like to find advice from the Tarot and via a reader.

You may be facing the transition into a new chapter of your life. You need to open horizons and to develop perspectives. With the Tarot you can find the orientation you seek. Like a compass, the Tarot will show you which energies and feelings now best represent your course towards destiny.

Even when searching for deeper meaning the Tarot can be of invaluable support, giving access to the creative sources of the unconscious and the work of intuition and fantasy. Imagination is a powerful tool for gaining insight.

I am Ingrid, a certified and experienced Tarot reader, committed to share with you the messages of the rich imagery of the Tarot and its layouts. I will help you to see the essential messages. This said, you remain the decision-maker. I will facilitate your insights, support you, but will never tell you what you should think or do. It is your life, your responsibility, and I am happy to see you coming into your powers!

Ingridd für Gemma Tarot mit Humor

Chances and better ones

Should you accept all challenges life presents to us? Are there duties and bondings which are worth to sacrifice one's own path?

Never is there only one challenge and only one chance. There are always complex situation. Not every challenge is benign. For a challenge to be acceptable, it must aim at your own well-being or highest good. Without these goals a chance will become a curse. Caught within such an endeavor with some good will alone to get it all achieved, many people ruined their lives. I do not talk about fire wardens!

The better way is to seek to atune your possibilities with your own capabilities and limits. See to choose the path of your strength and health and dare to walk a relatively independent path. Dare say "No", when the challenge is against your own destiny.

With Gemma Tarot, I will show you your true chances. The Tarot discloses through its dense imagery loaden with meaning things we try to hide away from us.

Build a strong Vision

A sustainable vision is nurtured by clarity, intuition, fantasy and willpower. This is because vision means to aim at something that up to now was not part of our reality. Therefore the whole personality is challenged for the building of a vision. Reason is part of the team. Willpower marks the terrain you are committed to. Intuition peints the feelings for what is about to come. Fantasy delivers her boldest and most beautiful dreams and atunes them with the other team members.

In exactly this spot of teamed up personal forces, the Tarot supports the vision building process.

Perhaps that all sounds very big to you now, and I will not cover up the fact that we often ask the Tarot in order to find an exit to an unbearable situation. We call for a solution in dire times. But this is exactly the root of many big and world changing visions. Gandhi wanted freedom for India. Martin Luther King wanted the apartheid system in the USA to end.

Contact the Tarot and build your vision.


"My question was answered thoroughly and completely. I am still astonished by the amount of detail Ingrid was able to deduce from the cards! Her reading has helped me clear the fog in my mind, and I will continue to refer to it whenever I feel lost and confused. Her reading helped me gain valuable insight into my situation and encouraged me to move forward. I felt through her reading that she cared for me and what was best for me in the long run. I am truly grateful!"

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Gemma Tarot, when your love is changing

Something should change in your love life. That is what you feel and what you are sure about. Build a bridge leading from the now via your wish for a change to a brighter future. The Tarot can lend you a helping hand. 

Did a break up happen or is likely about to happen? What solution is the most desirable for your love relationship in crisis? Seek advice from the Tarot.

Chance is also that the both of you just met recently. Your love is new and a real miracle. You are enchanted. Now you would like to know whether this relationship is your real big right one. Consider a Tarot reading.

A good realationship evolves over time with the challenges of time. The best love life meets crossroads and turning points, where the Tarot can be of use. The lucky ones too deserve the magic of imagination.


Beziehung verändern Layout für Gemma Tarot
Beziehungsdreieck für Gemma Tarot nach Sternberg

The Relationship as a Living Being

A relationship is a living being and evolves with the two lovers or friends. This is why a relationship can change the life of the partners drastically. At the same time the two people create their relationship and adapt to it or try to change their partner. A love story and a love life with two biografies are the results.

Robert Sternberg has published research about love relationships and presents us with the three main pillars of love in a triangle. The corners of the triagle are passion, intimacy and commitment. The sides of the triangle symbolize the scale of the three forces. Passion, for example, can be low or high. The same goes for commitment and intimacy.

These three forces in a relationship build a layout for my Tarot readings. There you can see your triangle and explore your further steps. 

Which force is strongly represented in your relationship, which one appearss to be weak. What can you do about imbalances? Ask the Tarot.


Tarot and the Medicine Wheel

If you want to know about what would be of healing and guiding support, you can benefit from a walk through the medicine wheel with the Tarot. This healing and discovering walk is based on the ancient knowledge of the shamans of the Andes. You will also profit by my studies of the energy medicine at the Four Winds Society, a modern shaman school. The four winds of the medicine wheel are designed to show animal spirit powers and energies helpful for your life going forward at four levels: In the South you will look after physical health and instincts, the pure facts. The Winds of the West tell you about your emotional and mental needs. Northern Winds disclose what your calling is about, where the paths of your soul's journey are. Then you reach the Eastern time of new beginnings. This is your spiritual level from where you see globally and discover a detail inyour world that is your task and gift. The walk or flight does not end here. You will return with your gifts. 

Mother earth and Father sun lend us support during the work in the medicine wheel. They are part of the sacred space in which this Tarot reading is practice. To the usual Tarot cards we add Oracle cards of the shamans.

Medizinrad der vier Winde Tarot Layout

Gemma Quest Tarot Produkt Schnupperlesung

Eine Tarot Schnuppersitzung biete ich Dir für 24,00 € an. Für diese kleine Investition erhältst Du das Layout Stop, Start, Weiter so aus drei Karten.

You will be astonished about the dense and deep information we can draw from only three cards. Don't miss this chance. You invest 15,- € for the entire session.

Your session can be done online with Zoom or Jitsi. If you don't want this, we can e-mail or text, even a phonecall. Anyway you will receive after the session a foto of your cards via mail or WhatsApp. If you are in the region we can meet in person.



First Relationship Tarot

Gemma Quest Tarot Beziehungen Liebe Produkt erste SitzungYour first relationship reading should be as easy as possible for you. Therefore I have significantly reduced the price for this reading.

However, you receive a full regular Tarot reading. The layout can be a proven spread or I can customize a new one according to your intention and question. This layout will reflect the crucial aspects of your theme. Take sufficient time for the reading.

Your session can be done online with Zoom or Jitsi. If you don't want this, we can e-mail or text, even a phonecall. Anyway you will receive after the session a foto of your cards via mail or WhatsApp. If you are in the region we can meet in person.


Regular Tarot Reading

Gemma Quest Tarot reguläre Sitzung Tarotlesung ProduktA regular Tarot reading is not restricted to the personality theme. I chose this theme for the presentation in this section.

You feel that your existing limits are too narrow now. New gifts and talents are about to emerge and want to go life. Since the passage of a threshold is difficult, you are well advised to call the Tarot for support. For this reading you will need at least one hour. Some days or weeks later, we will check the outcome.

Your session can be done online with Zoom or Jitsi. If you don't want this, we can e-mail or text, even a phonecall. Anyway you will receive after the session a foto of your cards via mail or WhatsApp. If you are in the region we can meet in person.


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